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Potential represents the dormant abilities within us, the untapped strength, and the reserved power waiting to be unleashed. It embodies the hidden talents and untapped success that lie within, like a capped capability. Potential encompasses all that we can be but have not yet become, all that we can do but have not yet done, the heights we can reach but have not yet reached, and the accomplishments we can achieve but have not yet accomplished. It is the unexposed ability and latent power within us. Potential is not defined by what we have already done or achieved, but rather by what we have not done and are capable of doing. This implies that in order to grow and realize our full potential, we must go beyond our past accomplishments and venture into the realm of the unknown.

Many of us have experienced the feeling of being looked down upon, ridiculed, or discarded by others. We have grown up in environments where constant discouragement and lack of appreciation prevailed, no matter how much effort we put into our work. Our best efforts have often been dismissed and devalued, leaving us wounded and deeply hurt. Some of us feel invisible, as if we are bypassed, while others have endured ongoing rejections, disappointments, and frustrations, leading us to lose sight of ourselves and the meaning of life.

There are those who boldly claim that there is nothing to aspire to in life, leaving us to simply accept whatever comes our way and deal with our circumstances as they arise. Consequently, many feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and completely detached from the purpose of life and their own identities. What makes this even more profound is that these individuals have reached such a state due to external influences—how they have been treated by people, whether close to them or not; the hurtful words spoken to them; and the lies they have believed to be true. All of this has imposed limitations on their lives, depriving them of joy, happiness, and peace.

The greatest mistake any human being can make is to rely on others to define their worth and potential. People will always impose limitations because they cannot perceive the depth of our inner selves. However, God, the one who created us, sees beyond our physical appearance and understands the true essence of our being. Only God knows the unique gifts and potential that He instilled within us at the time of our creation. Even our own mothers cannot fully comprehend what lies within us. But when God looks at us, He sees what is hidden from us and others.

God is the ultimate source of everything, including our potential. As our creator, He has bestowed upon us our purpose and wired us for a specific reason. Our potential and abilities can only be determined by the One who made us. Our background, education, social status, race, ethnicity, or nationality should not be used as measures of our capabilities. This is why anyone seeking to maximize their potential and fulfill their true purpose must shift their focus from human beings and direct it solely towards God. He is the source of everything and everyone, including ourselves. He did not create anyone or anything in emptiness. Every living being, including ourselves, carries a seed of greatness within them, a treasure deposited by God during the moment of creation. Without this potential, it would have been futile for Him to command us to be fruitful. How can we bear fruit if we are void of any potential? But that is not the case. God has designed us with the capacity to grow, expand, and achieve remarkable feats.

Regardless of our perceived shortcomings, current circumstances, age, race, background, or the complexity of our situation, we possess a far greater capacity and capability than we can even imagine. When God looks at us, He does not see worthlessness or someone discarded; He sees a valuable individual, a treasure—His treasure. He sees someone with immense potential and the power to bring about transformative change, even on a global scale. That is why we will never discover our true selves by relying on others to define us. Instead, we must look up to God, for only He can accurately define us based on His divine perception.

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