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When God created the first man, He put Him in the Garden of Eden. This was his area of dominion. Adam was given work by God. There is a difference between your job and your work. Your job is what you are paid to do, your work is what you are created to do. Adam’s work in the Garden was to keep it and to work it. An important thing to note here is that other than Adam watching over the garden, he was supposed to work it, to tend it or to cultivate it.

The word “work” in Hebrew is “Avodah” which literally means “work, worship and service”. The word “tend” means to “take care of, look after, tamper, supervise, oversee, control, superintend”. To “cultivate” is to “dress” or to “nurture”. God did all the hard work of planting the garden and making all kinds of beautiful trees grow there producing good fruit, but the responsibility of watching over the garden, taking care of it, nurturing it and dressing it was given to man. It was Adam’s responsibility to ensure that the garden remained as God had envisioned it. He was God’s steward. A steward is a person who manages the property or affairs for another entity. He was God’s manager.

What you need to understand here is that whatever God has entrusted to you is not yours. You are His steward or His manager. God has given every human being a gift and it must be worked on for it to bear fruits. Your divine assignment or area of calling is tied to your gift and it’s not yours to keep. You must nurture and cultivate it until it becomes your work which in essence is your worship to God and service to humanity and your generation. The dominion mandate will remain unfulfilled if you do not discover your purpose and work your gift to fruition.

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