Pursue Your Greatness

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No matter how bad you are or where you are in life; your status, age, color, background or how complicated your situation is, you possess, and are capable of much more than you can imagine. God does not see a worthless and a trashed person when He looks at you, He sees a worthwhile person; a treasure – His treasure: Someone who is capable of much more; someone with the ability to change and shake nations. That’s why you will never discover who you are meant to be if you use other people to find or define yourself. Look up to God. Only He can define you as He sees you.

Your pursuit of greatness lies in knowing who you are in Christ and pursuing God more than anything else. It’s only in Him where we can truly live and walk victoriously. Life will remain a mystery to us if we keep ignoring Him, looking for Him passively and living our lives like He doesn’t exist. You are a heir of God and a joint heir with Christ Jesus. So find out all the blessings that your rich inheritance includes and start walking in them today.

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