How to remain focused in a world full of distractions

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We are living in a world that is full of every form of evil and wickedness. It’s a world where everything or at least much of what’s happening around us is corrupted and out of order. It’s no doubt that we are living in a troubled world where evil is called good and good is called evil. There are difficulties, challenges, problems and unperceived things that keep throwing us and our lives out of balance. As a result, many are busy nursing stress, depression and managing our problems. Yet despite all our efforts, things keep getting out of control.

The whole world seem to be in turmoil, with everyone minding their own business and many embracing their situations and moving on without thinking twice. One thing that is true and unique is that no one is spared by all these happenings. Every one of us, as long as we are living and walking on the face of the earth, can easily find ourselves trapped by all these things. It’s not for the selected few and what I find more puzzling is that even believers have been swept away or are being swept away by the same, and many are unable to stand.

We cannot deny the fact that some of these things have entered into our minds and have led many of us astray. They have dimmed the light of Christ in us and have slowly taken us out of the right path. Many believers have fallen prey and have even gone back to their old ways. Their zeal for God is no longer there, their lamps have gone out and they have lost their faith in God. What happened? Distractions. Eve was in the Garden of Eden – a place of security, safety, order, delight and unhindered fellowship with God. But the enemy showed up and managed to distract Eve or at least, stole her focus from God and she was deceived out of her rightful position in God.

That’s what the enemy is after. He wants to distract the righteous and steal our focus from God so that we can concentrate on other issues that are happening around us. The truth is that once you shift your focus from God to all that’s happening around you, it’s going to be magnified and made bigger than your God. We need to be aware of such distractions. The fact is that we cannot vacate this world and go live somewhere else unless by death alone. But as long as we are alive, we must know that this world is a sinking sand and at all cost we must stand.

Daniel, for example, is one man who stood out in Babylon. He knew who he was and he paid a price for what he believed in. He refused to eat Babylon’s food as well as to worship their idols. He suffered for his stand, but God showed Himself strong through him. Daniel was just an ordinary man like you and me, but he decided not to shift his focus from God, and you can do it too. In other words, he did not conform to the rules and laws of Babylon. Even though it was a heathen country that was full of idolatry, and was under the leadership of one of the most evil kings that existed in his day, he refused to bow to the enemy. He deliberately rejected the food he was offered in Babylon, Eve on the other hand, accepted what the enemy offered to her. This is where the difference comes in. For us to be able to stand in this world, we must deliberately choose what we eat, not in terms of physical food, but spiritual food. His prayer life is also key here because he chose to defy the orders of the rulers of Babylon and continued praying. Likewise, for us to stand firm and remain focused on God alone, we must prioritize prayer.

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